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  • FREE SUPPORT!----Grab your STEPS Teacher Manual and enroll in the STEPS Online Coach. This class includes detailed online training to help you learn to teach STEPS. Training includes videos of instructional interaction to help you see STEPS in action and online interactive Teacher Manual pages.
  • FREE SUPPORT!----Learning takes practice, but that practice doesn't have to be boring. Practice can be fun! These FREE games provide resources, either online or in print, to help children learn the phonogram sounds. Great for parents, tutors, teaching assistants, or classroom volunteers.
  • FREE SUPPORT!----This is the place to access all your Resources for STEPS! Join the online community of teachers, parents, and tutors with access to STEPS classroom teaching aids, videos of STEPS instruction, games and worksheets for use with STEPS. If you're teaching one child or 30, this is the place to go for help with STEPS.

  • FREE SUPPORT!----The Phonogram Lab class contains tools that will help you learn the sounds. It is the place for students who are beginning to learn the sounds of English. First, students are introduced to the Blue Set,the sounds of the alphabet, then they continue on to the new sounds from STEP 9, 11, and 14. This multi-media lab is for practicing those sounds.

  • FREE SUPPORT!----This class is your 24/7 Online support for use with the STEPS Phonogram Packet. Why is it vital that your child learn these cards? How is the best way to help your child learn the sounds to the point of automaticity? How do we use the included CD? This class gets you started practicing like a pro! Your FREE membership includes access to the Phonogram Practice Lab where you'll be able to hear the sounds as you practice using the multi-media presentations of the Blue, Green, Pink, & Yellow Phonogram Cards.

  • FREE SUPPORT!----Often students have learned the code necessary to read, but they are stuck reading slowly grinding it out, one word at a time. Building fluency is the key to helping a child learn to love to read! In this FREE course, learn how fluency impacts reading comprehension and how to build it in readers of all ages.
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