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Teacher Phonogram Cards
Teacher Cards

STEPS Teacher Manual
Teacher Manual includes FREE Access to STEPS Online Coach
Phonogram Packet

Phonogram Packet

Class Set
Student Phonogram Cards
Classroom Set of 25 packs of Student Cards
WISE Guide

Teacher Log
Teacher Log
Cursive Log
Cursive STEPS Log
Manuscript Log
Manuscript Log
Class Set of Red Pencils
Classroom Set of red pencils
Midlined Paper
Ream of lined paper

Single Pack
Student Cards
Each Student Card set contains 78 color coded phonogram cards.

The War Between the Consonants & Vowels
Related reading for STEPS 6 & 7 - Paperback, The War Between the Vowels & Consonants by Priscilla Turner

STEPS CD - audio of the sounds with sample tests. Great for car practice!


STEPS Tutoring Session
For local tutoring students in
Summerville, SC
Order the number of sessions in the
upcoming month.
$40 per Hr.


This pack of Teacher Cards contains color coded cards. Each has
the written phonogram on the front with the sounds and sample
words for use by the teacher on the back.
A complete set of Teacher Cards comes free with a STEPS Teacher Manual.
An extra set of these 4" x 5" Teacher Phonogram Cards is nice to have on hand.
One set can stay in sequential order while another set can
be mixed up and ready for the games and activities throughout STEPS.

STEPS Teacher Manual
Teacher Manual
Now in a compact binder! STEPS Teacher Manual comes complete with
the Teacher Log, Teacher Phonogram Cards, a WISE Guide Spelling book,
and step by step directions in how to teach STEPS to any age student.
Once you have your manual you can log on to the FREE STEPS Teacher Resources and
STEPS Training with the STEPS Online Coach!
This binder serves as the textbook for the STEPS Graduate Class.
You’ve got it all!
Phonogram Packet
Phonogram Packet
Perfect for parents that want to learn the phonogram sounds to help their children.
Use with FREE "How to Use the Phonogram Packet" class and "Phonogram Sound Lab" !
Packet includes directions for accessing this multi-media study tool,
a CD of phonogram sounds (spaced for writing practice),
sample Phonogram Test and spelling dictation,
a set of Teacher Phonogram Cards, and directions for using the
packet to practice and learn the basic phonograms of English.
Class Set Student Cards
student cards
Class Sets of Student Phonogram Cards are sold in sets of 25.
Each 3" x 4" ziplock baggy contains all 70 color coded phonogram cards
ready to pass out to your students.
Save countless hours and get your students practicing faster!
Wise Guide
WISE Guide
Created specially for use with STEPS, this spelling list contains
words arranged by difficulty level from grades K to beginning college.
Rather than presenting spelling patterns grouped together, the WISE Guide builds on foundational vocabulary ensuring that students learn to spell the words they need to communicate in their grade level. The first 100 words are 85% of all students use to read, write and spell!
Teacher Log
Teacher Log
(RED COVER) This Log contains all the completed student pages
complete with example words.
For teachers of all grade levels using cursive or manuscript STEPS Logs.
Cursive Log
Cursive Log
(BLUE COVER) Made especially for use with STEPS, these Logs come
preprinted in cursive with page formats, dotted middle lines, and
sections for Wise Guide spelling words, vocabulary, and spelling
rules, including the NO Change Check section for adding derivatives.
For grades 3 & up
Manuscript Log
Manuscript Log
(GREEN COVER) Made especially for use with STEPS, these Logs come
preprinted in manuscript lettering with page formats, dotted
middle lines, and sections for Wise Guide spelling words,
vocabulary, and spelling rules. 2008 Edition Logs also include a
special NO Change Check for adding derivatives.
For grades K, 1 and 2
Class Set of Red Pencils
Class Set of Red Pencils
A classroom set of 25 red pencils
Midlined Paper
Midlined paper
STEPS teaches handwriting in STEP 3.
This lined notebook paper has no skip lines that tend to
confuse children as they move to loose leaf paper.
Cost is per ream.
Individual Pack of Student Phonogram Cards
Individual Cards
Plastic resealable baggy with one set of STEPS Student Cards.
Perfect for blending and segmenting practice.
The War Between the Vowels and Consonants
The War Between the Vowels & Consonants
The War Between the Vowels and the Consonants by Priscilla Turner
and Whitney Turner (Paperback) This delightful story fits right
in with STEP 6 and 7 as your students learn the characteristics
of vowels and consonants.
This is the CD offered in the Phonogram Packet.
In classrooms, many students get only the cards from their classroom teachers.
Your child may need the CD for extra practice.
Parents find that playing the CD in the car is great for practice!

STEPS Tutoring
STEPS Office in Summerville, SC
The National Institute of Health has found that explicit phonics is the most effective way to teach a child to read.
If you live in the Summerville, SC area, STEPS tutoring can help your child be a successful reader.
STEPS Reading Center provides one-on-one tutoring for students of all ages.
Our specially trained teachers work with your child to learn the letter sounds and how to write them either in manuscript or cursive.
Students will learn all 70 phonogram sounds and then how to blend those sounds together to read.
Your child will also be taught the process of spelling and the rules that determine the correct spelling of English.
Sessions meet 2 hours per week. Students are scheduled for Mon./Wed. or for Tues./Thurs sessions.
Contact us for information on scheduling your child's tutoring session.
Use this catalog button to pay the invoice amount your instructor provides.
Enter the total number of hours here.

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