Is your child able to sound out new words?

Is your child able to write legibly and spell most words he can say?

Is your child, grade 3 and up, able to read a newspaper article and tell you what it is about?
If your child can read, write, and spell well, he or she will be successful in other subjects.
But reading problems will impact every subject a child tries to learn.
If reading, writing, or spelling problems are holding your child back, let STEPS help!

The National Institute of Health has found that explicit phonics is the most effective way to teach a child to read.
If you live in the Summerville, SC area, STEPS tutoring can help your child be a successful reader.

STEPS Reading Center provides one-on-one tutoring for students of all ages.
Our specially trained teachers work with your child to learn the letter sounds and how to write them either in manuscript or cursive.
Students will learn all 70 phonogram sounds and then how to blend those sounds together to read.
Your child will also be taught the process of spelling and the rules that determine the correct spelling of English.
Sessions meet for 2 one hour sessions per week.
Students are scheduled for Mon./Wed. or for Tues./Thurs. sessions.
Contact us now for scheduling.

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All STEPS Tutors are highly trained and experienced in teaching reading.

Tutors at STEPS must have successfully completed the complete graduate level training in STEPS and exhibit exemplary teaching technique.

Sessions are video taped and tapes are available for parent viewing.

Mrs. Beebe
Monica Beebe
Mrs. Bragg
Mrs. Janet Bragg
Instructor since 2000
Mrs. Cordray
Claudia Cordray

If you're not in the Summerville area, STEPS can offer you intensive instruction through our online classes!

Since STEPS is not set for an isolated grade or age group, it is an ideal resource for home school parents or for those of us who choose to supplement the instruction our children receive in school.
Once you learn the STEPS, you can teach any age or ability child. Internal benchmarks will help you to know if your child is progressing appropriately.

We provide multi-media online classes and resources to help you learn to teach your child to read, write, and spell.

Hear the sounds ( ) with audio clips included in the "How to Use the Phonogram Packet" class. You'll learn how to practice with the CD and online components to build automaticity with sounds.

Sign up for the "Phonogram Lab" and you will be able to watch video of the sounds ( ) in multimedia presentations and audio practice activities.

The STEPS Teacher Manual is a step by step instruction book to explain how to help your child learn the sounds and then how to help him move into reading and spelling independently.
Teacher Manual
It comes with a Teacher Log to how you how to help your child solidify his/her learning by logging in example words. Each page contains blanks to encourage your child to apply his/her learning throughout the day and through all subjects. Reading isn't an isolated skill. Parents can help children use and grow their reading skills by providing this vital link. STEPS offers support at many different levels.

Teacher Log

Enroll in our Free Support courses for more ways to help your child at home.

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