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STEPS offers graduate level classes contracted through Charleston Southern University. Since 2009, this class has been completely online so anyone with an undergraduate degree is welcome to enroll. We've replaced lectures with multi-media lessons to help you see STEPS at work in real classrooms!

For the most effective in-depth mastery of STEPS and the tenets of explicit phonics and spelling, sign up today for STEPS Online Graduate Class.

  • Earn 3 hours of graduate credit.
  • Learn STEPS as you teach. Benchmarks are provided to help you gauge your progress, as well as the progress of your class.
  • Change your understanding of the English language as you complete the 25 STEPS.
  • Practice and learn the multi-sensory teaching techniques vital to success with STEPS.
  • View videos of teachers in action.
  • Participate in a learning cadre of other teachers learning STEPS for the first time.
  • Read and analyze current research on explicit phonics.
  • Learn to make data driven decisions to differentiate instruction for your students.
  • Learn to use the 24/7 support offered by the STEPS Reading Center website.

Get online extension activities, classroom computer games, Smart Board templates, worksheets, and more in these valuable resources.

Class enrollment is on-going. Classwork is completely self paced.

We are accepting names of interested class members for our next class. We need a group of 9 students to start a class. Get on the list today by emailing STEPS.

We have grade levels take the course together, home school parents, and teachers.

Take a look at the Online Graduate Class Syllabus.

Ready to get started?

"This class should be required of all undergraduates majoring in education."

"This (STEPS) should be a mandatory class for speech pathologist and early childhood and elementary education majors."

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